July HTML practice-thoughts on Euripides’ Helen

In Uncategorized on July 6, 2010 by tomtom577

The Mountain Mother Ode (1301-1368) of Euripides’ Helen has plagued scholars for years. In consulting some ten scholars on the meaning of the ode, I found ten different opinions. This controversial ode inspires comments which characterize the ode as anything from a mindless fill-in to a deep ode following a brilliant pattern in an imagistic movement from death to rebirth. Some scholars will understate, others overstate their cases. The only undisputed comment one can make about the ode is that it is “interesting.”


My opinion is that the ode is a vaguely written comment about man’s relationship with the gods. The ode is purposely veiled in syncretism in its first three stanzas, and in the final stanza gives an admonition to an unnamed maiden who did not make the holy sacrifices, and in not performing them, may have incurred the wrath of the “goddess”



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